If you are someone who is wanting to make a real change to your mind & body, this is the post for you. It can be so difficult trying to improve your health and fitness if you don’t know where to start, so I have decided to start a new series on my blog, sharing numerous health and fitness tips and tricks to help you become the BEST version of you.

To start this series, I’m going to tell you how to start this life changing journey – these tips will be solely based on my personal experience, but I believe that if you truly want to change, I can help you and you will most definitely see changes, providing that you are consistent and do not give up.

Please note: this is more so for weight-loss – as appose to weight gain. I am not stating that everyone needs to lose weight – this is simply a guide for those who would like to. I promote being confident in your body, no matter your shape or size.



If you don’t even know why you are wanting to make this change to your lifestyle, there is a high chance that you will give up. Maybe you are someone who doesn’t feel comfortable when wearing figure hugging clothes, maybe you aren’t able to run about and play with your children as you don’t have the energy or maybe you just want to feel more confident in your own body – whatever it is, find your why and use it because that is what is going to fuel you for this journey.


I am guilty of trying to change too many things at once and then quitting after 1 week because it was too much for me to keep up with. If you make small changes and only change a few things at a time, you can focus on those changes instead of overwhelming yourself. If you find that you overindulge in chocolate every single day, try reducing the amount of chocolate you have. If you drink lots of fizzy drinks – reduce the amount that you’re having. If you use public transport or your car to travel everywhere, try walking whenever you are able to. You do not have to completely cut these things out of your life, it’s just about making small changes. If you make 1 change per month for a whole year, that’s 12 changes a year – 1 small change every month can equal to a big change.


Being in a community with like-minded people is a really great way to inspire yourself and also to stay motivated. You can join a local health and fitness club or even find social groups on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook. I suggest following fitness gurus on any social media platform as they will usually post motivational content and share useful tips. The people who follow these gurus are usually either other fitness gurus, or people who are interested in having a healthy lifestyle and so you will be, metaphorically speaking, surrounded by people who have a similar interest. This is a fantastic way to give and receive additional support.


Taking photos of your body may not be something you want to do, but you need to do it. This is going to be a consistent reminder of where you started and why you started. You don’t need to share your photos with anyone, but this is a great way to keep your ”why” in mind, because if you feel like giving up or not even starting, look back on the photos you have taken and remember what this means to you. I suggest taking photos in the morning before you have eaten, every 2 weeks or even once a month so that you can track your progress.


If you want to lose weight and get fit so that you can look like someone else, for example Taylor Swift, you will never be happy with your results because it is practically impossible to have the exact same body as someone else. It all stems down to your genetics and so if you are 5”5, have naturally wide hips and a large chest, you’re not going to be able to achieve the same figure as Taylor Swift, as she is someone who is 5”10 and has a petite figure. The best goal to have is to become the best version of you, that way it is about improving your health, happiness and confidence within your own body.


If you go in with the mindset that this is a lifestyle change, you will take it much more seriously than if you are to plan to make these changes for, say, 6 months. If you make the changes for 6 months, achieve the results you wanted and then go back to exactly what you were doing before, you will end up exactly where you were before. If you make realistic changes that suit your lifestyle and see this as a long term thing, not only will your results last, but you will get into a healthier routine that actually works for you. If you have children and a full time job, it’s probably going to be unrealistic for you to go to the gym every day, but I will cover how to create a workout plan on another post.


Instead of waiting for a more convenient time, or waiting for motivation, just do it. If you have been gaining 12 pounds every year, it is likely that you will continue to gain 12 pounds in the upcoming year, if you do not make a change right now. So by starting today, you are making it the easiest it can be for you to lose weight. If you wait another year, you could have another 12 pounds to lose, which is going to not only make things harder for you, but it is also going to require more motivation for you to actually start your journey. Today is the easiest it will ever be to start as you are your lightest weight. Stop finding excuses and make the changes you want to get the body you deserve.


I hope this helps you to get on your new journey to a healthier, happier you – I have many more blog posts planned to help you on this journey and so make sure you subscribe to ensure you are first to be notified about my upcoming posts.



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