Do you want to have a great wardrobe, but you’re on a restrictive budget?

Whether you are saving for something special or simply just cannot afford to splash out on clothes every single month, here I have 8 ways that will help you to shop smarter and get the best out of your money, without sacrificing the quality of an item.


If you have £30.00 (for example) disposable income every month, that you can spend on whatever you like (clothes, makeup etc) and you use it every month, you’re not really going to get the best out of your money because it will either be lesser quality or you just won’t be able to purchase a great deal of items, which is fine if you like buying 1 item per month, but if you’re more of a shopping-spree kinda gal, put that £30.00 into a savings pot each month, for 3 months and then after the 3 months, you will have more to play with and a better chance of being able to invest in better quality items. Doing this every 3 months is also a great idea, because it will most likely be a new season by the time you are able to access your savings! The more you can save, the more you’ll have to play with so if you think you might be able to cut back on other things to put a little more into your savings, you’ll be grateful after the 3 months. For example: £30 over 3 months = £90. £60 over 3 months = £180.00. Try it out and you won’t regret it.


So this one kinda ties in with the previous tip. Look on your favourite clothing websites and get inspired, keep track of what you are drawn to and what you feel would slot in nicely with your wardrobe. You can even create a Pinterest board for extra inspiration. After 3 months of noting your favourites (if you use the saving tip), you should have an idea of which items you liked purely due to them being a trend and which items truly belong in your wardrobe.


I think everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and using Depop as a way to buy and sell their new and pre-loved garments and I certainly am too – take a look at my Depop to see what I am selling. Depop is quick and easy and you can save a lot of money, especially if you’re not afraid to haggle with the seller. Take a look on your favourite clothing websites and when you come across an item you love, search for it on Depop and you may find that you can get the item for a fraction of the price. There are many other websites that allow you to buy and sell clothes, but I personally opt of Depop, due to its simplicity.


This tip won’t be for everyone, but visiting charity shops in cities can actually land you some great bargains and you can stumble across a lot of trendy pieces, even designer garments, for very low prices. There are lots of YouTuber’s who talk about ways that you can thrift shop, so if you are interested, definitely check them out.


If you’re about to pay for an order with your favourite online store, pause for a second and check on Google for any discount codes for that website. You can also take a look on their Instagram, as they could have any codes listed on there. If your favourite YouTuber shops where you love to shop, check their description box on any clothing haul videos as a lot of YouTuber’s provide their subscribers with discount codes. This is a great way to save a little extra money and I always do it before I click purchase.


Impulse buying is usually one of the least effective ways to have a great wardrobe, because a lot of impulse purchases are made during a sale or when there are offers on. This encourages us to buy things we won’t necessarily use as often, such as the black mini dress that you felt so uncomfortable in BUT it was £7.00 and that’s a bargain, so surely there is some way for making it work, maybe with 5 pairs of tights, a jumper and knee-high boots? That’s not to say every single impulse purchase is going to go horribly wrong, it’s just a good idea to take a step back, give it a few days just whilst you pan-over whether you really want that item. I’m also not saying not to use sales as a way to save money, because it can be a fantastic way of saving money, but maybe go into a sale with what your wardrobe needs in your mind, so that you don’t end up with items that you already have or items that you will get no use out of.

I hope this helps you to shop smarter.

What are your tips on shopping on a budget? Leave a comment, I’d love to know!



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